Industrial Automation Services

We provide the following Services:

Supply, Design, Development & Commissioning support for PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD, Servo & Control Panels.

  • Engineering Consultancy for Turnkey Projects, ( Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation ).
  • Software Development, Programming, Site Services & Onsite Engineering for Automation projects.
  • Retrofitting & Conversions of PLC Projects.
  • Wireless, RFID and IOT based Solutions.
  • Automation Training for PLC, HMI, SCADA.

Instrumentation & Sensors

  • Koyo ( Japan ) make, Rotary Encoders, Cam Controllers, Sensors & Controllers.
  • Flow Indicators / Controllers, DO Meters, Vacuum, Pressure, Temperature Transmitters.

E-CAD, CAM Services ( Electrical Drawings & Design ) with Cofaso ( Electrical & Engineering Software, Germany ).

  • Supply of Licensed / Subscription based Software for Electrical drawings.
  • Design & Drawing services as per customer requirement.
  • Legacy Conversion of all Panels drawing on Cofaso i.e. build all panels ( Hard copy ) SLD / Schematic / Layout and produce relevant customized drawing / reports in Client's Format.

Intelligent Flow Control System for Compressor

  • For saving Compressed Air Energy by 4~25 % through reduction in Artificial Demand
  • Constant air pressure to pneumatic tools within the range of +/- 1 psig (0.07 bar g)
  • For Improving the response time of system to meet instantaneous demand. With Reduction in compressor’s operation and maintenance
  • With Reduction in compressed air leakages
  • Works with all brands and types of compressors
  • Payback period between 1~2 years
  • Improvement in VSD Performance

Ex-Proof Earth Connector / Indicator

  • Designed with latest technology Based Explosion Proof Earth Connector / Indicator.
  • Sturdy and highly suitable for Installing in industries having a high degree of ambient dust, humidity, inclement weather and corrosive or hazardous atmospheres.
  • Useful for the earthing indication in Hazardous atmospheres, Chemicals, Petrochemicals Industries, Oil & Gas Industries etc. vehicle should required to connect with earthing when loading or unloading of explosive gases or chemicals. user can use this instrument for checking the earthing status.
  • Applications Chemical Industries, Petro chemical process plants, Pharma Industries, Oil and Gas Industries, Fertilizers.

Energy Management Systems ( Calibration, Audit & Reports )

  • Energy Audit, Onsite Calibration of Energy units, Online & Offline data collection of Energy parameters. Study of Transmission & Distribution loss, Study of Plant SLD.
  • Identification of oversized or high harmonics generator units, High energy consuming units.
  • Customized software for Report & data logging of Energy parameters.
  • Connecting all Energy meters on a single network.

Automation Training

  • Retrofitting of Old machines.
  • Cable laying , Wiring, Installation of Sensors & Instruments.
  • Preparation of Instrumentation Index.
  • Data Sheet for Instruments, Valves, Control System ( PLC ), MCC Panel, Motors, VFD’s, Soft starter etc.
  • Preparation of Cable Tray Routing drawing, Hook-up& SLD for MCC Panel in AutoCAD.
  • Cable List / Schedule preparation as per Panel Wiring Diagram. Selection of LV power cable based on fault level current considering the accepted limit of voltage drop to minimize the line losses as low as possible.
  • Selection of HT cables based on short current and considering de-rating factors.
  • Bill of Material ( BOM Preparation for Installation of Instrumentation & Electrical systems Like HT yard, PCC, MCC, LDB, APFC panel etc.
  • Optimum size selection & calculation of Transformer, HT, LT breaker starter etc.
  • Fault Level calculation at the LV side of transformer based on site requirement.
  • Maximum demand optimum calculation of the plants to avoid extra billing charges.
  • Panels Bus-Bar size calculation.
  • Capacitor size calculation for power factor improvement.
  • DG size calculation.
  • Air conditioner size calculation.
  • Air compressor size calculation and line size selection.
  • Site Support in terms of engineering requirement.
  • Plant preventive and predictive maintenance help.

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